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Questions & Answers

Get answers to some of our common questions! 

Is wardrobe included?

Yes, each package includes wardrobe (see package details). We have over 200 items to select from 

(wardrobe is recycled every 30 days therefore not guaranteed)

Can I bring my own gown?

Yes you can! Our wardrobe is totally optional. Since it's for the convenience of our clients, it doesn't change package price if you bring your own.

Do you have wardrobe for my partner or child?

No, we only provide wardrobe for our moms. 

Do you offer plus size gowns?

Majority of our gowns range from xs-xxl, any size larger than xxl we suggest client supplying. 

Can I try on gowns?

No, for sanitazion purposes we do not allow gown try on. Gowns are recycled every 30 days for cleaning.  

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Can I include my child in session?

Absolutely! Our Queen & Goddess package allows add-ons. When booking you select the option to add your child to the session. No you can not exchange your partner for child.

Is hair & makeup included?

No it is not. If you need recommendations for an artist we are more than happy to send over some recommendations. 

Do you rent your gowns?

No, our gowns are exclusive to our clients.

Do you offer any other types of sessions?

No, we only specialize in fine art maternity and mommy & me sessions only. We do not provide recommendations for general photography services. 

Can my partner or family be in all looks?

No, we know the importance of including memories with your partner or family therefore we offer one look with a variety of posing and options. We can't lose focus this is a maternity session and not a family/couples session. 

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